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What Parents Say

Referrals and Recommendations from parents who have seen Arwen in action with their children…

“Arwen is an incredibly devoted and hard-working individual.  Her creativity and kindness make her an ideal teacher.” Sarah W. Click Here to read her whole recommendation.

“Arwen is reliable, dedicated and eternally upbeat. She brings a strong ability to create a fun, organized, safe, and educational curriculum. Arwen multitasks effectively and her diverse skill set benefit her well.” Kate P. Click Here to read her whole recommendation.

“She is also aware of children’s needs for clear expectations and has built these into her program, no small feat in a classroom which requires a great deal of flexibility and serves a range of children.” Laura C. Click Here to read her whole recommendation.

“The children have fun with structured activities and feel safe, but know there are boundaries and how to function within them. I feel that this positive environment is a direct result of the guidance provided by Arwen and from the example that she sets.” Kim M.

Recommendations from school administrators…

“This is my first year at Central and I can’t tell you how impressed I am with Arwen! Arwen has gone above and beyond the after school program to work with the children in their classrooms. She works with the teachers/office in assisting the entire student body at our school.” Bev H.

“Arwen is a perfect example of being an outstanding supervisor/employee taking charge of her program. She runs her program very smoothly, and sees that the children are well behaved. She has a wonderful working relationship within the building.” Kathy B.