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During her 13 years, working with children and adolescents, the one question often asked by their parents was; “What’s your secret?”

Arwen McGilvra has devoted the past 13 years to working with children. Her experience includes drug treatment and rehabilitation of teenagers to after-school child care to teaching art to mentoring teenage girls. Arwen uses her experience and the over 300 hours of training in child care and development and breaks it down into easy to understand guidelines for both the parent and childcare giver. The Clear Expectations class will give you practical tools that work as well as encouragement to keep you positive.

It’s no secret; the philosophy of Clear Expectations is based on guidance and discipline. Clear Expectations are communicated ahead to each child of time so they know what kinds of actions will be met with positive approval and what kinds will not. Arwen will present creative ideas so parents can teach kids how and why they should behave. These principals are both positive and proactive.

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What Parents are Saying:

“This is a fresh approach to child training that is sound and easy to implement with any age of children” Mike L.

“This was a valuable program with concrete ideas to train families and build into our children.” Carol B.

“Thank you for another way to look at how we can raise our children and teach them whats important to us as well as  what should be important to them.” Nydia B.

“Thank you for showing us ways that we can positively discipline our children and the children we teach.” Class Participant in Halsey

“She has my enthusiastic recommendation.” Kate P.