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September 4, 2012 by Arwen McGilvra

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing on behalf or Arwen McGilvra, a lead teacher for the After School program, at whose site my son has attended for the past two years. It is a flexible program which serves children between first and 5th grades.

Arwen has done an incredible job of planning and implementing creative, stimulating curriculum which has been very successful with students of different ages and developmental needs. She is also aware of children’s need for clear expectations and has built these into the program, no small feat in a classroom which requires a great deal of flexibility and serves a range of children.

She clearly has energy and passion for this work, going well beyond expectations to build a fun, educational and balanced program. She is extremely organized, has strengths in utilizing technology, and is always looking for new ideas to bring to life in her program. I have always been comfortable leaving my son in Arwen’s classroom where I know he is well attended and consistently enjoys his time.


Laura C.

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