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“You did it!”

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November 15, 2012 by admin

By Arwen McGilvra- The most common praise most children hear is “Good job.” Which can become pretty repetitive over the course of a day and start to lose its meaning over time. “Good job on your homework.” Good job finishing dinner.” Good job tying your shoes.” “Good job being nice to your sister.”

So we need some other ways to praise children and let them know we appreciate their actions or behavior. Below are my top 5 phrases for praising children without using the “Good job” broken record.

1: “You did it!”

2: “You figured it out.”

3: “You got it.”

4: “You did great!”

5: “You should be proud”

Notice how these begin with “you”? That puts the focus of the praise on the child. Which is where it should be.

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